Concept / Abstract  is a musicology specialist database project and featuring bibliographies and discographies of musical works of any epoch and genre. The aim is to build up an extensive database that visitors can use, enlarge and comment. The bibliographies/discographies are essentially started and filled by the users - based on the idea to share those references and to communicate annotations.
At the moment, the data is published in the form of text files, it can be searched via alphabetical ordering A-Z of composers’ surnames as well as via a website-search.
The database/website consists of the following entries:

The idea of was developed during the research for my musicological dissertation project: It is quite simple to find bibliographies on musical topics, epochs or persons but quite difficult for single musical compositions. Work analyses are often hidden in books and it is not evident from bibliographies if and how single works have been considered...more... has been online since June 29, 2007. The site is in development and frequently updated.

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