Concept  is a musicology specialist database project and featuring bibliographies and discographies of musical works of any epoch and genre. The aim is to build up an extensive database that visitors can use, enlarge and comment. The bibliographies/discographies are essentially started and filled by the users - based on the idea to share those references and to communicate annotations.
At the moment, the data is published in the form of text files, it can be searched via alphabetical ordering A-Z of composers’ surnames as well as via a website-search.
The database/website consists of the following entries:

Additionally, essential links pertaining to composers (e.g. the Arnold Schoenberg Center at Vienna) will be listed. Please contact the editor if you would like to include such links or any other related News.

You can enter bibliographical and other references into forms and submit them to the editorial staff. There is input assistance available on every form. Only a few details may be sufficient  - as, for example, a valid ISBN-number to register a book. Of course you can also send titles/references via email from online-catalogues (e.g. OPAC) from libraries and other information providers to the editor at

Each entry of published material will be checked by the editorial staff before being recorded into the database. In this way, information vandalism should be kept to a minimum. Comments referring to entries will be published only if they comply with the usual review policies. The comment pages are designed as forums for single texts, recordings and (study) scores.

Currently, reference management software installed in the background is used for the data management. In the event of greater interest and availability of financial resources, a web-based reference management program will be programmed, allowing instant access to all records. Until this is realized, records can be requested or simply copied from a page.

The idea of was developed during the research for my musicological dissertation project: It is quite simple to find bibliographies on musical topics, epochs or persons but quite difficult for single musical compositions. Work analyses are often hidden in books and it is not evident from bibliographies if and how single works have been considered. The main idea is sharing, for why should each individual engaged with a certain musical work start again from scratch?

Special attention at is directed to the possibility of submitting additional information and comments on analyses as well as on recordings and scores. These can, for example include information on whether a certain text rates as a standard work or contested thesis, or regarding which recording of a certain work is supposed to be the best, or if a recording has been made during the rehearsal stage before the premiere.

Though this project was begun on my own initiative, it is designed to belong to the public. I am willing to embed institutionally to warrant long-term data collection and access. In short: cooperation partners such as academic institutions or even donations are most welcome, but above all: data and interesting comments…

If you have questions or annotations please use the contact form or send an email to redaktion(at)

Julia Heimerdinger
Imprint has been online since June 29, 2007. The site is in development and is frequently updated.